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Pagan celebrations in armenia

Vardavar – this is a special holiday celebrated in Armenia during which people drench each other with water. It is celebrated on 98th day (on Sunday) after Easter. During pagan era Vardavar was associated with Astghik - goddess of love. According to the myth Astghik was spraying rosewater and natural roses, the main purpose of which was to spread love in Armenian land. On the other hand her beloved God - Vahagn, protected this magnificent feeling. This is where from the name of the holiday came from – Vard (rose in Armenian) and Var (rise).

Trndez – this is a feast of purification which is being celebrated 40 days after Jesus's birth. During this day you can see hundreds of new married couples jumping over the bonfire. It is being celebrated on 13th of February every year. Trndez has a pagan origin, symbolizing the coming of spring and fertility period; it is sun/fire worship in ancient pre-Christian Armenia.

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