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Museums in yerevan

Best Museums in Yerevan

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Are you interested in the culture and history of Armenia? Do you want to get acquainted with cultural monuments, historical events in Armenia and see the works of famous artists of all times also more than 2000-year historical samples?

Then you should visit here!

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How to correctly plan the route of museum visits in Yerevan.

1. Matenadaran:  Matenadaran is a major center of Armenian written culture, which is not only a repository of ancient manuscripts, but also a research center of manuscripts and documents. Here is a unique collection of exhibits and manuscripts of different centuries. In Matenadaran you can also see manuscripts written in other languages - Greek, Latin, Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Old Slavic.

2. History Museum of Armenia: When discussing history we can’t help speaking about the history museum of Armenia, where you will see unique and rare examples representing the history of both the current Republic of Armenia and the historical country of Armenia.

3. National Gallery of Armenia: Here the works of the greatest Armenian artists of all times are introduced. Art has always been an integral part of the life of Armenian people. The museum was founded in 1921 by the government of Soviet Armenia. At the initial stage, it was one of the five sections of the history museum. Later, one of the most talented Armenian artists of all times-Martiros Saryan- was appointed as a director whose works are still exhibited in the National Gallery and his painting “Armenia” has become one of the visiting cards for our country.

4. Ervand Kochar Museum: Not far from the Matenadaran building, again in the Mashtots Avenue, the museum of the famous artist Yervand Kochar is situated. He is the founder of stereometric painting, and his works have been exhibited in such a cultural city as Paris. In the museum you can see the artist's work, expressed by the artistic characteristic of contemporary art of the 20th century.

5. Sergej Paradjanov Museum: Sergej Paradjanov was a national artist of USSR and one of the most famous film directors of the Soviet era, whose fame spread far beyond the boundaries of the Soviet Union. The main part of the museum's exposition consists of the director's works, cinema sketches, drawings, dolls, as well as personal items.

6. Erebuni Museum: The history of Yerevan dates back to 2800 years before when a fortress with the name of Erebuni was built, in the place of which a museum with the same name is currently situated. The opening ceremony of the Erebuni Museum coincided with the celebration of the 2750th anniversary in 1968. Here exhibits dating back to Urartian, early Armenian and Hellenistic times are introduced.

7. History Museum of Yerevan: The history of the city itself is summed up in the History Museum of Yerevan, which represents historical samples of both the above-mentioned and subsequent periods of time. The museum addresses the rich history of cultural and spiritual life of the people living in Yerevan.

8. “Ararat” Museum of Yerevan Brandy Company: The best variant of recognizing any country is to communicate with people. Armenians have always been famous for their hospitality, warmth and traditions. Among the latters it is necessary to highlight the viticulture and production of the most popular Armenian cognac, which is produced from grapes. Cognac became one of the symbols of Armenia long ago. During the Cold War Armenian cognac was Winston Churchill᾿s favorite drink.  “Ararat” brandy factory is situated in Yerevan which is a unique cellar museum. Here you can get acquainted with the history of traditional winemaking, the assortment of cognacs produced at different times, and what is most pleasant, try the premium taste of the Armenian cognac.

To get acquainted with the full list of the museums of Yerevan included in Yerevan Card, visit the section Museums.

Taking into account the worldwide reduction in the number of visitors to museums, according to the decision of the International Council of Museums, every year in May 18, an event of "International Museum Day" is held since 1977, which aims to enhance the role of museums in the social and cultural life of the society. Every year Armenia participates in Pan-European program "Night of Museums". The access to museums on this day is free until late at night. This event creates a warm atmosphere in the city and "infects" everyone with a mood of visiting to the museums.

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